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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 11, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. hope you are off to a great day. it is december 11th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". take a look at this tornado which ripped through florida. you can see the funnel cloud
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form in front of the dreyers car. some roofs torn right off their houses. there are no reports of injuries here. people in louisiana are picking up pieces after a tornado touched down there. strong winds tearing the roof off of a car wash and knocking down trees. so far no word of any injuries. let's head up to minnesota where folks there and other parts of the midwest are recovering from a record snowfall this time of year. as much as 17 inches falling in some areas. maria molina has more. >> we saw a lot of extreme weather with this storm system that left behind cool temperatures. just to recap quickly yesterday we had 10 reported tornadoes in florida, alabama portions of louisiana, mississippi. we had ongoing tornado warnings through out the day.
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a lot of severe weather through portions of the south. a lot of snow across portions of the midwest. one city that didn't see much with the storm system is the city of chicago. we were seeing a lack of snow since earlier in the year. no snow in chicago. we are not seeing any snow already into almost mid december out here. current temperatures behind the storm cold 10 degrees outside of minneapolis 24 in kansas city. the cold air has moved so far south we are lacking at a freezing temperature in san antonio. 29 in dallas. even in new orleans with the current temperature at 46 degrees. as we head into the afternoon hours take minneapolis for instance 19 degrees for a high temperature. in new york city you will see the impact of the cooler air. high temperature 47.
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we have lirnging showers but across northeast we will continue to see the drying trend and sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. behind the storm very quiet conditions across the plains. next storm arrives in the pacific northwest as we head into later on today into tonight. >> maria molina thank you very much. we begin with 5@5:00. three people killed a helicopter crash in northern illinois. crashed into a field killing the pilot and two flight nurses. a hospital spokesperson said patients were on board the helicopter. they were headed to the scene to try to figure out what caused that crash. he's the hero who died saving an american doctor from the taliban. the bepentagon has identified ts navy seal. he was killed during the rescue mission in afghanistan. his name is nicholas checque
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only 28 years old. he was part of navy seal 6. during the raid in afghanistan he moved quickly to a hut where doctor joseph was being held hostage. joseph was rescued but the young navy seal later died from those injuries. a former general confirming the world's worst fear. major general cee-lo says he has no doubt that president assad will use chemical weapons as he tries to cling to power and crush the up rising that started a few years ago. the main chemicals are arsenal mustard and syran gas. they are trying to end assad's regime. a man used the money to support pensions money to support the company.
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it is not clear how much money way workers were affected. hostess shut down last month after the baker's union went on strike. they called the solution terrible but it is not illegal because the money didn't come directly from the employees. let's have fun now. are you ready for some country this morning? >> a big night for country music as the american country music awards show kicked off in las vegas. the big story of the night is luke brian taking home 9 awards including artist of the year. >> there's nothing better. we get to do what we love and get to do it for people that are honest hard-working beautiful people that support great music.
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>> he went on to thank his wife, his fans. take a look at who is talking. the president is now talking mr. obama the road to michigan he was trying to sell his tax hike proposal. he claimed michigan's law that gives workers the right to choose whether or not they want to be long to a union is about politics not economics. listen to this. >> we have to say this. what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to better bargains. >> so-called right to work laws they don't have to do with economics they have everything to do with politics. what they are really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. we don't want a race to the bottom. we want a race to the top. we --
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(applause) >> america is not going to compete based on low skill, low wage, no worker's rights. we have to get past this whole situation where we manufacturer crises because of politics. >> despite what the president said the new right to work law does include collective bargaining rights. while preached the right to workers he says american people show compassion. speaker boehner while he fights to keep america from plunging off the fiscal cliff. >> if you have an ounce of compassion this christmas seen save it for boehner. the president treats him as if he has him over a barrel heading toward the fiscal cliff. he is trying to head this off by bargaining with the president to keep the tax rates where they are now and provide revenue for rich people. in exchange mr. boehner wants
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the president to agree to serious reform to tax reform the biggest driver of the nation's debt. he wants to hire tax revenue and taxes on the rich. he has speak ennothing of entitlement. unreasonable? you bet. on top of it boehner is on attack for being a weak negotiator from the right. he is not a weak negotiator. he has a weak hand. kelly wright is live in washington. hi, kelly. >> good morning to you ainsley. someone would hope so. three weeks from now americans will be celebrating a brand new year but it may be a year unof uncertainty if the white house fail to take action to avert the fiscal crisis or the cliff. president obama tock his message on the road speaking to auto workers to talk about the plan to cut taxes that will go into effect on january 1st if congress fails to act.
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>> what you need is a package that keeps taxes where they are for middle class families. we make some tough spending cuts on things that we don't need and then we ask the wealthiest americans to pay a slightly higher tax break. >> the president met privately with house speaker john boehner to discuss the matter. in a statement to fox business about that meeting speaker boehner's spokesman said discussions with the white house are taking place but we have no detail to share about the conversations. the republican offer made last week remains a republican offer. we continue to wait for the president to identify the spending cuts he has as part of the balanced approach he promised the american people. if they are going to reach a deal, there is still a lot of work to be done and very little time to do it. experts say a blue print deal must be reached sometime this week. hopefully by thursday. at least by that time to give congress time to act.
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look, the fact of the matter is under the rules of the senate any one center can almost place a halt and often times they do. >> is it likely both sides the president and the speak he were are going to have to twist arms, they are going to have to call people. they are going to do anything they can to push this deal over the line. >> keep in mind christmas is coming and the president and members of congress would like to certainly get this matter behind so they can enjoy the holidays which adds of course more pressure on lawmakers getting something done. thank you, kelly. over to you, heather. >> thank you so much. now to stories you can baipg on this morning. there is good news on the job front. more people are getting work this holiday season. there is a problem with that. that's because the jobs may not be permanent. lauren simonetti explains. i feel like we hear this story again and again. >> the seasonal hiring numbers. the holidays are a great time to
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get your foot in the door at a company. doesn't mean a permanent job but sometimes it is all you need. they have added 619,700 holiday jobs in october and november. when december figures are added to the mix we could be looking at an all day hiring bigger than the 619,700 jobs. >> you make a good point. hsbc banks reaches a settlement. this is a huge dollar figure. >> the british bank agreed to pay a record 1.9 billion to settle a multi year investigation of how it ignored red flags of money laundering by mexican drug cartels and allowed transfers from iran and sudan which are under investigation. they have become a top priority for u.s. law enforcement. in a separate case another british bank agreed to settle their investigation with the
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$340 million settlement. the numbers are adding up. >> they are on top of things they have huge legal departments that look at this. >> jobs for 2013. >> these occupations experienced the strongest growth since 2010. software developers topping the list. make about $45 an hour. they have been popular over the last few years creating 70,000 positions. you have accountant, market research and computer analyst, hr specialist, computer systems administrator, sales rep and web developers. those are very promising careers for the new year. >> a lot of computer related stuff. >> thank you so much. it is 12 minutes after the hour for the first time we are hearing from the family of the nurse who committed suicide after the christmas prank call that we have been telling you about. we will tell you what they are saying coming up next.
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plus her dog was stolen so why was she forced to pay 200 bucks to get the dog back? we will tell you about that. first as we go to break let's take a look at the "tonight show" with jay leno. >> new census deal. they drop illegal immigration from america for the first time in over a decade. sure now that we stopped making twinkies nobody wants to come here. of course not. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. look this isn't my first christmas. these deals all seem great at the time... but later... [ shirt ] merry christmas, everybody! not so much. ho ho ho! this isn't that kind of deal.
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mel greig. >> they legalized marijuana after a constitutional amendment. they are not allowed to smoke it in public. it is illegal to buy or sell it.
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the archaeologist who discovered tight tation says the blood did happen. they support the theory the black sea was fresh water lake over run by a wall of water from the rising mediterranean sea. he found evidence of that 200 feet below the surface of the modern day black sea. >> what a neat story. it is time to brew on this this morning. you heard the story the family of a nurse who took the royal prank call visited the hospital she worked. jacintha saldana was her name. she killed herself after she was duped by two radio dj's into thinking the queen was calling for kate middleton and she put the call through. the hospital will hold a memorial service lart this week. a fund has been set up to help the family. >> they are devastated by what
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has happened. every moment of every day they are grateful for the public for the messages of support and kindness. >> now in the wake of a scandal the radio show behind the hoax has been canceled. do you think all shock jocks should be kicked off the air? send your comments to us. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at feel free to lab great on that. it is 18 after the top of the hour. he fought for his country now the former marine is fight to go get out of the mex san prison. what landed him there and does he have a shot at getting out? >> do you hear holiday shop being arm withed a budget. there might be mistakes that cause you to spend more than you should. personal finance expert vera
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givens is here. first let's take a look at late night with jimmy fallon. >> last night the national manor roy ra -- national menorah was lit or as joe biden put it it is lum yar from "beauty and the beast". sing, sing.
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this bible changed the world. i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained the principals for economic liberty, political liberty and religious freedom. the 1599 geneva bible. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and 300,000 utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people, the book
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that built america. and now for the first time in 400 years it's available again in a beautiful leather edition. i have one, i want you to have yours too. please visit and get your copy of this rare and historic version of god's word today. thank you and may god bless you.
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obamacare. >> good morning to you now. it is 22 minutes after the hour. here's a look at the headlines this morning. a mix-up at a gas station in new jersey had several cars stalling right after filling up? why? because they had their tanks filled with jet fuel. the gas station has been shut
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down since. the fuel needs to be pumped out and replaced. the storage facility that delivers the gas says it was their mistake. an arizona woman forced to pay 200 bucks to get her dog back this great dane was stolen and later showed up in a shelter instead of taking it home for free the owner had to pay 200 bucks in fees. those fees for registration and shots that the dog apparently already had. the shelter says it might return the money if she has the proof. thanks heather. we told you yesterday about how consumer debt hit an all-time high of $2.75 trillion. and a recent survey says that credit card debt is the biggest worry for us americans this year. we still have holiday shopping to do. how can we make sure we don't max out our credit card. vera givens is here to make you a smart shopper.
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>> taxes are going up. what do we do? >> have a budget. 14 million americans are still paying off last year's holiday bill. 50 percent of us carry a balance. this is high interest debt. you will see what i am talking about. paying it off should be a priority. if you can't pay it off when the january bill comes make a plan to pay it off buister. >> 17 weeks divide what you owe per week. >> say no to the store card. tempting this time of year. 15 percent saved. very high interest rates on those over the 20 percent verses 14, 15 for the regular card. >> sounds like nothing at the register but outrageous when you get your bill. >> so much going on. they are getting us to buy the right music the right snow the little sampling, try this, try
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that. we are falling for it. # out of 10 are buying on impulse. 20 percent are buying things for ourselves. it is costing the average consumer an extra 200 a month. so no more impulse buys. >> shop on-line. >> just say no. what should we say no to? >> jewelry is a big no no. it is expensive this time of year. watches expensive this time of year. lex tron nielectronics are pric. you see better deals around super bowl time. >> is it because women and men are waiting for the last minute. women are buying men the electronics add and men are buying jewelry. >> jewelry from october to september because the demand is there you can get away with it. >> that's when people are going to buy it. >> you say shop smart. what do you mean? >> couple hundred dollars a year they don't take advantage of price adjustments best buy has
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price matching guaranteed on-line for the first time. register the item you bought on sliefrn for a better price for 30-days. they say find a better price on that item. $25 price they are going to refund you the difference up to $250. so these are the types of things that are out there. >> thank you vera. >> thanks ainsley. 25 after the top of the hour. coming up maybe jogging should have stayed a fad. >> veronica and i are trying this new fad called jogging. i believe it's jogging or yogging. might be a soft y. i am not sure. apparently you just run for a period of time. >> there's new information that yogging is bad for your brain. we will explain. >> one of the big power ball winners making an unusual choice about their payout it's all because of the fiscal cliff.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. >> let's head to arizona for your 5@5:00. these are the top stories making news at this hour. the object of your envy this guy has a name his name is matthew good. he is the second winner of the 5 $587 million power ball jackpot. the 37-year-old hoped to remain
2:31 am
anonymous. that's not possible in the state of arizona. the names of lottery winners are on the record. the payout of 92 million he feared the blooming fiscal cliff and tax hike. he said he took his share of the money every month to avoid higher taxes next year. >> friends family and friends are mourning the loss of mexican american singer rivera. the 43-year-old believed to have been killed in a plane crash in mexico. her license was found in the plane. her body we are told was found this morning. even though the ntsb confirmed her death the family says they are still not losing hope. >> in our eyes we still have faith that my sister will be okay. we have no confirmation of her body being recovered. we were told this morning that her body was recovered. we will have to check on that and give you word. the family is heading to mexico
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today. >> he was convicted of murdering a 7-year-old girl 15 years after the crime. the 73-year-old was sentenced in an illinois courthouse that case was considered one of america's oldest unsolved crimes. he had been dismissed as a suspect back when it happened and he went on to become a washington state police man. he was arrested after the investigation was reopened. a former marine locked up in a mexican prison for four months on bogus gun charges. john hammer was arrested for bringing an old shot gun that used to be long to his great grandfather over the border. he tried to register for the gun but he through him in jail saying the hammer was too short. the family is pleading for help. the mother will talk about the struggles for bringing them home.
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jogging could be good for your body but bad for your brain. people who jog outdoors especially in urban areas have higher risk of brain inflammation and slower iq scores. the reason air pollution. in high levels air pollution can reduce the ability to process new information. that is your 5@5:30. michigan is set to become the nation's 24th right to work state today. but it won't happen quietly. hundreds perhaps even thousands of union members descending on the capital to stage a protest. doug luzader is covering the story for us he's live in washington. >> michigan is now the focus over the national battle over the power of organized labor. the govern no and legislature poised to make michigan the 24th state in the country that would be so-called right to work state. preventing aun ons from forcing workers to pay dues. there have been protests both inside and outside of the state
2:34 am
capital there. but this may be just a fraction of what we see there today. there may be no other state closer to the heart of organized labor. union leaders fear if a right to work law should pass it could happen anywhere gutting union power. the president added his voice to the debate during a visit to the detroit area yesterday. >> i have to say this. what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your right to bargain for better wages at work. >> the proposed michigan law does not actually prevent collective bargaining. it stopped unions from forcing workers to pay dues. with the largely republican legislature it will almost certainly pass. part say it has to do with workplace fairness for workers. >> i view this as solving an issue with michigan workers. we have hard-working people in michigan this is about giving workers choice. >> police in lansing are bracing
2:35 am
for perhaps thousands of angry protestors and the law heads toward final passage. >> doug luzader in washington thank you so much. let's turn to weather. there is extreme weather conditions across the country. maria molina has more on storms and what else do have? tornadoes, right? >> we have tornadic activity had it occurring over the weekend and yesterday. significant snowfall totals. go to the tornado videos, first. we had 10 reported tornadoes across portions of the south and florida. some did produce damage. there were homes that were shifted on their foundations so the significant activity with this storm system has left behind also much colder temperatures across parts of the midwest and down into texas. first the snowfall totals incredible amounts over wisconsin, minnesota well over a foot of snow.
2:36 am
some didn't see snow. america. the longer streets streaks of not seeing snow. no accumulating snowfall across chicago. temperatures fall across the midwest. 10 degrees in minneapolis. down in dallas, texas 29 degrees. a cool start to your day. as we head into the afternoon hours not seeing much of a warm-up across portions of the east and midwest. 19 will be the high temperature in indianapolis. in new york city we won't be moving a whole lot as far as temperature goes. meanwhile in florida still a front pushed through or clear out through the state of florida. we are continuing to see warm temperatures. 79 in tampa. we have lingering rainshowers and snow showers across portions of the northeast. it will quickly exit as we head into later on this morning and clearing things out and seeing the sunshine across the region. >> maria, thank you so much. it is officially called tornadic
2:37 am
activity. >> great word. it is time to entertain this. payton is a sipping el woman. she and new york jets wide receiver scotty mcknight called it quits after nearly a year. they growned after pilots detected an odor in the cockpit. something went wrong with the engine shortly after pulling away from the gate. the actress and 200 people got out safely. is jennifer aniston pregnant? the actress made a big effort to cover up her stomach after being caught in beverly hills. they are speculate whying she pulled out of an up coming movie. >> the starting lineup top stories this morning. new epping land patriots may be the team to bette beat in the afc. they started strong against
2:38 am
houston texas scoring touchdowns on the first three possessions and taking a quick lead. they couldn't over come it. the pats win 42-14. we have an update for you on robert griffin tiii knee injury. coach mike shanahan saying rg 3 has a sprained ligament it's not too bad. he neglected to say if he would play against the cleveland browns this weekend. >> there is something that scarred he loves more than scoring. have you ever thought about something called donkey cheese? they bought a donkey farm in serbia and the entire supply over the year. he plans to use the cheese in his restaurant. >> i love cheese but donkey cheese? >> president obama promised obamacare would save us money?
2:39 am
why would it cost every single american 65 more dollars. not a heck of a a lot more. >> now you see them now you don't. amazing technology that would make soldiers invisible.
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>> 18 minutes before the hour. here's a complete look at headline this is morning. the antenna that will top 1 world trade center making it a whopping 7,776 feet tall is heading to the new home. it is a 408 foot tower that will leave from peer 5 in now ark new jersey a few hours from now it will head to new york city. it will be placed on top of the tower tomorrow. the boor still uneligible for medicaid. nearly half of financial advisors told got this request from clients. they say they are seeing more
2:43 am
clients who want to give away their money to their kids in order to qualify for government assistan assistance. but the government on the lookout for this. if it sees a new medicaid applicant transferring assets in the last five years the application is delayed based on the amount. >> an extreme weather alert to tell you about. people in minnesota digging out from the winter mess after a storm has 62 inches of snow in some areas. tom holden joins us from minneapolis. good morning. >> good morning ainsley. the snow is falling once again. not a lot of accumulation expected hear in any part of minnesota. even though we haven't had a lot of snow for the past 24-hours mdot crews part of the transportation crews are still on the road in full force trying to get up the ice. we had over 1,000 spinouts yesterday sunday night and yesterday morning.
2:44 am
almost 700 crashes. there were people every where that were spinning off the road. even one fatality in the state of minnesota. that was about half of the state that was hit really hard with the snowfall. the crews are out snow is still every where. we have not had a storm of this magnitude in december in winter since february 2011. the third biggest snowstorm for december on record in the state of minnesota p. we have had quiet twirns over the past couple twirns. this one is hitting everybody hard. some of the commute times were doubled or tripled for people. some have a good coating of ice and still on them the department of transportation is telling everybody here again take extra time. bundle up. we can see your breath that's how cold it is out there. >> 12 degrees. >> 12 degrees. >> get inside now that your live shot is over. thanks so much, tom. >> this is your read. >> gthey are used to those temperatures in that part of the
2:45 am
country. little known insurance fee is likely to hit your paycheck as a result of obama care. high diane. -- hi diane. >> hi heather. if you have a michael jackson medical insurance plan you are looking at $63 per person in fees. they are helping cover people with preexisting conditions over president obama's healthcare overall. the charge buried in and is expect to do effect an estimated 190 million americans. the obama administration took 25 billion is designed to raise to go toward insurance companies with the cost of covering uninsured six people january 1st of 2014. they can't be turned away. 5 billion will go to shoring up employers wanting coverage for early retirees. employers say for large companies to see where they have 10's of millions of dollars.
2:46 am
they are already recovering their employers. they are poniying up for people who have the insurance market. the program is intended to quote reduce unreimbursed usage of medical facilities by the uninsured and lower medical premiums overall. this is part of a bigger package of taxes and fees to finance expanding coverage to the uninsured. it comes to $700 billion over ten years. this fee is supposed to decline. cop gres doesn't decide to extend it based on the system. once they find it they do away with it. sthooivengs for fox business. >> still ahead are you holding off on getting the flu shot because you feel a little sick. doctor seigel says he is separating the facts from the
2:47 am
fiction. >> california is trying to help out the homeless by handing them cell phones. doesn't sound like a good use of your tax dollars. we will talk about that next. >> p first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up at the top of the hour some studies say booze is good for you. we will tell you what kind and how much. pause for a cause. pets that need your help this holiday season, this christmas season. we will find them homes with your help. laura ingram iesha tyler from the talk. we are going to talk about the news of the day. one of the stars of the new movie parental guidance which hopes at christmastime and looks hilarious will join us. fox and friends kicks off 12 minutes from now right here on the fox news channel. i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained
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the principals for economic liberty, political liberty and religious freedom. the 1599 geneva bible. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and 300,000 utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people, the book that built america. and now for the first time in 400 years it's available again in a beautiful leather edition. i have one, i want you to have yours too. please visit and get your copy of this rare and historic version of god's word today. thank you and may god bless you.
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>> it is 10 minutes to the top of the hour. california may be in debt but that doesn't mean the homeless are going to go without their cell phones. public utilities commission planning to green light a program that would give the state the down and out free cell phones. they say it's to help them reach out for job opportunities and talk to family members. now he is here a-- now you see them and now you don't. the u.s. military is backing development of these invisible cloaks made by a canadian company. the fabric is said to be light so you can't tell it is even there. that is amazing. >> thank you so much. interesting stuff there. the flu season is already shaping up to be one of the worst on record. so far dozens of deaths have been blamed on the flu.
2:52 am
a thousand deaths each year. a lot of people are concerned about a flu shot. the author of the shrine flu doctor mark seigel is here to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to the flu and the flu shot. ly hi there. so many say you catch the flu from getting a shot. >> you cannot catch the flu from the flu shot. everybody has a story after they got the flu shot they got sniffly and fever. that is from the flu shot from being allergic to it. it's a dead virus. you cannot get the flu from the flu shot. >> how good is the flu shot. there are different strains and sometimes the flu shot doesn't match the strain. is the flu shot pretty accurate h this year? >> looks like we are having an early flu season. maybe the worst since 2003 when it was pretty bad. better this year than 203.
2:53 am
we have a good match on the flu shot. the prevailing strain of flu out there is covered under this year's shot. get your shot and get it now. plenty time to get it. a lot of moms drive my pediatrician crazy. the notion you can get autism from the flu shot. >> this has been studied over and over there's no association whatsoever being shown between the flu shot and autism. they added looking at it it has been taken out flu shots. >> autism and vaccines. >> what is in autism there is something. vaccines have been stu deed and studied. >> important to get your kids immunized. >> you have to be healthy and not have a cold in order to have a flu shot. >> is that true?
2:54 am
>> sometimes best the best opportunity to get a flu shot they have a cold not feeling well. while you are here get the flu shot. >> speaking of which you want to see patients when they are sick. >> absolutely. >> come into your office. the flu has a lot of associated proshs i need to know about. bronchitis all associated with the flu. if you need tami flu. go to your doctor and get your doctor in the loop if you are feeling flewish. if you have fever sore throat headaches muscle aches. fatigue, fatigue, fatigue. >> and tamiflu. pregnant women it is a good idea to get a flu shot. >> it's another myth pregnant woman can't take flu shots. they have to take the flu shot because the flu can be bad for the fetus and bad for a pregnant
2:55 am
woman. there's more complications. as you pointed out before you came on you get a two-fer because you are protecting the unborn baby to get the immunity in the first 6 months before they are born they can't get the flu shot. give them froeks while they are still in the womb. >> dr. seigel thank you from our medical team. >> it is about 6 minutes before the hour still ahead it has been a bad day. a fender-bender helped save christmas for one family. we will tell you about that one. we told you about the australian radio show that was canceled after a nurse committed sue said after a prank a shock jock made. should all shock jocks be kicked off the air? that is next.
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♪ >> 5:58 here on the east
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coast. it is time for the good, bad and ugly . fiver the good. christmas safe for a cash-strapped mom. thanks to the fender bender. when the woman heard the mom's story she adopted the family for christmas and help get the presents for the kids. then the bad. more a robber got more than he bargained for. turns out the man was the county district attorney. the quick-thinking da held the guy [tph-lt] cops got there. video posted on line shows a driver bumping on the curb in an attempt to straighten out her own. it is time for your question of the day and here are your responses earlier in the show.


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